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"Help Us, " Grandmother Seeks Help For Grandson Who Crawls Four Hours To School

Samuel Boayitey is a thirteen year old boy, bright but disabled. The boy always emerges among the top in his class, despite the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

First, Samuel doesn't own a wheelchair so he crawls to school on a daily basis. The crawling takes him four hours and he has never given up. The wheelchair he needs amounts to around Ksh. 12,000, a nightmare for the grandmother who can't raise the amount.

Second, Samuel was disowned by his parents, and left at the care of his grandmother who is struggling to fend for him. His parents have since divorced, Samuel being the main cause of their disagreements.

The boy is also in need of constructive surgery that may cost upto Ksh. 1 Million. Samuel ails from the Ashanti region, Kumasi area.

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Samuel Boayitey


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