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Government Should Assist Private Schools, Madam Lizzie Wanyoike Of NIBS College Pleads

The government should assist private schools in order to enable them move forward now, and after the pandemic. Madam Lizzie Muthoni Wanyoike pleaded with the gorvenment this morning. "As a major contributor of taxes to the government, private schools should be considered as some of the beneficiaries of grant money the government is giving out." She insisted.

Private schools have been hard hit for the past four months since the Corona Virus found a way into the country. "We have undergone hardships in running the facilities as private sector." She insisted. She said she payed salaries normally to her employees on the month of March and April, but then found out no income were coming into the facility due to the schools closure and therefore, everything began getting hard. "We then decided to be assisting our employees with food and some other basic necessities. I personally do it." Lizzie Muthoni Wanyoike said.

Private school employees such as teachers and other staffs are undergoing very tempting and traumatizing moments of their lives since the school were ordered to be closed due to the Corona virus pandemic. Having employed over 350 employees who directly rely on her, she said the government need to plan something on how the private sector should be assisted, being a major contributor in education sector in the country.

She requested CS for education George Magoha to visit NIBS college, to oversee it's preparedness on fighting and dealing with Corona virus. She said her investment in several premises within Thika highway can enable the college to handle the pandemic, and provide the social distance required by the ministry of health for the facility to run smoothly without the spread of the disease. "NIBS college organized a committee to preorganize on school reopening if a need be, setting all the required measurements ready." She insisted

She said her facility is fully prepared in dealing in the pandemic, and thus pleaded with the government to sympathize with the big load upon the private facilities in paying their workers. "I have not laid off any employee, and we are facing it very hard to cope with the big load laid upon us. She lamented.

Madam Lizzie Muthoni Wanyoike, CEO of NIBS college was speaking at Inooro TV this morning

Content created and supplied by: Stephenmwangimuriithi (via Opera News )

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