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How Implementation Of CBC Will Affect Parents Teachers Learners Economy &The Government (Opinion)

Implemention Of CBC Will affect the parents financially since the system is learners centered and it's the role of parents to provide learning materials for their siblings.Besides it is also their role to help learners to homeworks since it involves alot of practicals.

Learners who are not talents in arts are likely to be disadvantaged.Learning is students centered thus they are likely to experience workload.Unluckily the system is unfriendly to the physically impaired.

The government expenditures is likely to increase as new classrooms are needed, teachers and learning resources thus affecting the economy because it will force them to raise taxes inorder maintain equilibrium.

Teachers will find it rough to evaluate learners pontentials since most of the practicals home will be done by the parents.The system is learners centered thus the demand for teachers likely to reduce since one teachers can handle atleast three kindly click share and comment.Thank you.

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