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Brilliant Ideas University Students Use To Cheat In Exams

University students always seat for their examination at the end of every semester and are always ready to do anything that will ensure they pass. In this article, am going to share with you four brilliant ideas university students use to cheat in the exam.

1. Writing on the walls

Students always access the exam halls before exam time and write short notes on the walls. They use these notes during exams and time transfer the main points to the exam booklets without the supervisor's awareness.

2. Writing in the nails

This type of cheating is mostly used by ladies with long fingernails. They write formulas and main points on the nails and copy them during exam time. 

3. Using a Fake Hand

Students use a fake arm to fool the supervisors that all the hands are on the table. He or she then uses the real hand to copy answers from a phone under the desk.

4. Using improvised calculators

Students remove the motherboard of the calculators and replace them with a phone. They then use the phone to Google answers during the examination time.

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