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Key Differences Between Private & Public Universities Students Should Take Note

The key difference between private universities and public universities students should note is that fees in private universities are slightly higher compared to public.Besides learners are only allowed to sit for examinations after clearing semester fees.

Meals in private universities are slightly expensive as well as hostel fees thus forcing majority of students to commute from outside inorder to cook for themselves because they are not allowed to cook in school hostels.

There is stiff competition and scramble for resources in public universities because students are many and hostels are based on first come first serve basis.Besides students are not allowed to tri-semester in public universities unlike private.

Most private universities are located within town centers while public universities main campuses are located in centrally located interiors.Some private universities offers free transport to those commuting from outside school.

Strikes and riots are minimal in private universities because the learners numbers are not as many as public making the administration to easily meet the needs of the students.

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