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Good News to All Liquefied Petroleum Cooking Gas Users After a Brave Kenyan Does the Following

The recent increment in value added tax (VAT) on Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG) caused a nationwide uproar after the taxman indicates a 16% VAT on LPG. Many Kenyan households depend on cooking gas for fuel and the increment in price of buying the gas will affect the already inflated economy.

A brave Kenyan according to the Star Kenya news outlet went to court to challenge the implementation of the tax increment. The man reported that man Kenyans will be affected by the increase and this might lead to some individuals reverting to other forms of non clean energy like charcoal and firewood. He went on to allege that giving the commodity a zero rating in VAT will increase environmental conservation since many households will embrace it. He also said that public participation was the proper channel to use before making the decision to increase the tax on LPG.

Other products like cooking oil were also affected in the current VAT review by the tax authorities. Should the Court rule in favour of the said Kenyan, the prices of LPG will go back as they were.

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