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Fruits Business to Earn You Ksh 1500 Pure Profits Per Day

Starting your own business in Kenya has been the latest option for many both employed and unemployed people. Most people have chose business as their continuous source of income. Business are so promising such away that the profit are earned daily as you compare with monthly payment one receives from employment. Some of business are guarantee of double profits more than what one earns in a employed company. In recent time there is some of upcoming business which seems to be doing so good in Kenyan market. This is a business which needs less of your capital but more of your passion but be sure that by end of one day you will go home with 1500 pure profit.

The business idea is about selling fruits salads. This is one of most thriving business in most Kenyan towns. The business needs less 15k to start. What you need first is to acquire a business permit from the county council and ensure you have a good stand along the road for your operations. After that ensure you are connected with continuous suppliers of different types of fruits. All these will cost about 14k. After that you will have to slice varieties of fruits and mix them in equal portion. Repack the sliced fruits in small plastic clear containers and ensure you cover them well using a serving polythene. Each can of sliced fruits costs 50bob. Fruits stock of 4000 can generate almost 200 cans of sliced fruits. This is equivalent to total sales of 10,000. When you less 4000 you will have 6000 as a profit. Assuming that this stock lasts within 4 days if the customers are loyal, it will translate to 1500 pure profit per day. 1500*30 days=45000 per month. This is good money without any tax expenses. Only thing to do is to ensure that the stock never lasts and also you are passionate to your business. Otherwise thanks for reading this article, you can share to friends too.

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