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Current Price Of Gold Per 1kg In Kenyan Shillings And Its Uses

Gold is a yellow and shinny metal.It occurs deep underground which makes it mined using expensive and strong equipments.Gold Coins.

Here are the uses

Gold has several uses.They include;

It is used to make currency of which are used in our businesses.

It is also used as a sign of wealth.It is believed that people with Gold items are rich which you can agree is true.

Gold is used to make jewelleries for example earings and some necklaces.

Used to make coins, which are used in businesses to buy goods and services.

Here is the price per kg

Its price is continuing to increase due to depletion of mining sites and the expensive equipments used to mine because they are also expensive.

1000Grams which is 1kilogram(kg), costs over 6.6million kenyan shillings per kilogram in Kenya which is a good money indeed. 1gram costs 6k shillings, this is like the necklace and earrings.Source Courtesy.

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