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Best breeds of dairy cows to keep for maximum milk production.

Dairy farming is currently becoming one of the most lucrative business to venture into. Kenyan farmers are now preferring this type of farming to any other. However, with no good dairy breeds your success rate in this type of farming will be hindered. The following are some of the best dairy breeds to keep for maximum milk production.


This type of dairy breed also known as freisian originated from Netherlands. They have a disntictive colour of black and white. They are easy to handle because they are docile. These cows also have an outstanding milk production of about 7800kg per lactation and some time reaching an all time high of about 10,000kg of milk per year.


   The Aryshire breed first originated from Scotland. It can be easily separated from other types of dairy breeds because of their unique colour of black and white. They are good grazers hence having a good milk production rate of about 7200kg per lactation and scoring upto 9000kg per year. When their are no enough feeds aryshire cows need supplements to keep them in good condition therefore maintaining their milk production rate.


This type of dairy breed is a medium weight cow that originated from England. It's colour is more like of aryshire but it has more of the red colour than red. They are are docile and therefore are easy to handle and also are easily adapted to any type of climate making them very attractive to commercial dairy farmers. The average milk production of this breed per lactation is 6650 kg.


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