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How to be wealthy from tomato farming

In Kenya, tomatoes are among the most grown crops. It requires good temperature management and enough sunshine. You also need to have enough capital so that this farming business can be more successful.

If you do everything right, you will get over 11 million Kenyan shillings. Make sure you adhere to the conditions necessary For a maximum harvest. Go through the following tips on how to thrive in growing tomatoes.


Tomatoes grow well at daytime temperatures of 21–27ºC and night time temperatures of 16–18ºC. Make sure you maintain these temperatures to harvest more.

Select certified tomato variety.

Make sure you select the best variety that thrives in greenhouse. Poor variety may lead to a lot of losses. You can also do research online to get the best one.

Most growers install drip tubing to deliver water to each plant. A fertilizer injector attached to the tubing can automate fertilizing as well.

Stake the tomato plant

It is good to stake because the crop will not be infected by many pests and diseases. It will also be easy to harvest and spray.

Prune leaves and fruits.

As the fruit matures, snap off older leaves from the lower clusters. This helps improve air circulation. You can also remove suckers.

Harvest and marketing.

Harvest early before they overripe . One acre produces approximately 400 boxes of tomatoes. With seven acres you can harvest 2,800 boxes.  A box sells at Sh. 4,000. The total price of all those potatoes sold will be 11,200,000 Kenya shillings.

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