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Strategies That Make Mac Donald Have More Customers That Business Could Adopt


Mac Donald has been among the popular fast food restaurants that are present in the United States. The company was started in 1940 and since then, it has experienced numerous growths. The following is s SWOT analysis for the Mc Donald Company.

The first strength of MC Donald is its strong brand name that has been essential in attracting new customers and consumers. The brand name has been achieved by the numerous promotions and the fast food quality. The second strength is the strong brand loyalty. The company has many loyal customers because if the quality and strong food at the restaurant. Thirdly, the company has a bigger market segment that has a value menu. This has been relevant to the sensitive buyer. Fourthly, the company has global and local suppliers who ensure that quality and consistency of the product is maintained. Lastly, the company has embraced technology and this has helped in creating more efficient processes in food making.

The first weakness is that most people consider the food at Mac Donald’s unhealthy due to its junky nature. Secondly, the breakfast in some countries has been reported to end more quickly thus making some customers unsatisfied. Thirdly, the company has reported incidences of weak revenue generation, customer dissatisfaction, mismanagement and financial deterioration thus weakening the sales of the company. Thirdly, the company is among the busiest food chain restaurant thus making long queues that people dislike. Lastly, the company has faced past criticism where some of the workers went on a strike demanding for an increase in their salary thus tarnishing the company`s reputation.

The first opportunity is that more people have become conscious of their wellbeing and health and therefore, Mc Donald can change their menu and serve healthy food as a way of attracting new customers. Secondly, the company can attract consumers through reducing the food prices. This will cater for the people who receive low income. Lastly, the company can increase their partnerships with food delivery services as a way of reaching the changing customers’ needs and trends.

The company has faced threats due to the increased competition and the entrance of new food brands in the market. This is going to pose a huge competition to the company. Secondly, Mc Donald’s uses meat products in its menu and other many spices that people do not like. This can impact the number of customers visiting the restaurant. Lastly, more people have become conscious about their health choices. Therefore, Mc Donald would lose customers if more and more people become health conscious.


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