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4 Investments Aliko Dangote Might Make In Kenya Under Ruto's Presidency Should He Be Given A Chance

Having turned up for the inauguration ceremony of President William Ruto yesterday on September 13th, it might not be far from fact that Nigerian business magnet Aliko Dangote won't mind stretching his business empire into Kenya should he get a chance.

Dangote who is Africa's richest man controls a businesses conglomerate whose vision is to become the leading provider of essential daily needs not just in Nigeria but in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Today, the Dangote Group which he founded in the year 1978 is a diversified conglomerate that owns 15 subsidiaries and 3 publicly-listed companies.

With this, his business empire has interests in oil refinery, petrochemicals, poly-sacks, mining, salt refinery, cement manufacturing, sugar refining, logistics, maritime, energy, infrastructure, construction and real estate.

Then going by his vision for his conglomerate and Africa as a ready market for his diverse businesses, Aliko Dangote who had shown interest in investing in Kenya a while ago might be eying to give it a try again now that a new administration is in place.

However, the question that many would probably ask is that which sectors might he opt for should his Dangote Group be granted a greenlight to operate in Kenya?

Of course an exact answer to this question will have to come from himself or his business executives

But going by the Dangote Group's investment pattern, history and Kenya's socioeconomic and political affairs, we can predict the most likely sectors he can go in his mission to establish a footprint in the country.

Some of the investments he can make in Kenya are as follows;

1. Fertilizer production.

As a country whose citizens heavily depend on Agriculture to sustain their livelihoods and with Agricultural produce topping its exports, Kenya's need for affordable, reliable, quality and sufficient fertilizer can partially be fulfilled by Aliko Dangote's investment in the same.

The country's source of fertilizer has mainly been imports from countries like Morocco, Turkey and Europe but Dangote Fertilizer can help reduce the high dependence on imports.

As of today, Dangote Fertilizer owns Africa's largest Granulated Urea Fertiliser complex in its Nigerian plant, which produces over 3 million tonnes of UREA fertilizer per year.

The conglomerate's experience in fertilizer production can give it an edge in setting a plant in Kenya to meet needs for various varieties of fertilizer needed for planting and topdressing of crops.

2. Cement production.

As of today, Dangote Cement is Africa's biggest cement manufacturer with footprints in more than ten countries.

Then since Aliko Dangote had expressed interest in setting up a cement plant in Kenya a while ago, he can try to pursue that course should he be given a greenlight.

3. Real estate and construction.

To achieve the affordable housing promise to Kenyans, President William Ruto's administration can capitalize on Dangote's expansive real estate interests to partner with the State in building affordable houses for Kenyan households.

4. Sugar refinery.

With the Kenyan sugar sector currently facing challenges, the Dangote Group can set up a sugar plant in the country to boost the country's production of the commodity.

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