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Invest In This Today And Become Millionaire After Two Years To Come, Check How

Poultry farming is rearing of layers or broilers. The project can make you millionaire if you manage it properly. Here you have to be keen when investing in poultry farming because there are some challenges like diseases and marketing. Diseases can cause alot of losses in you project so make sure you observe bio-security and hygiene. Also vaccination schedule should be followed properly and this will make your project successful.To be more successful make sure you buy your own egg incubator. You can buy 300 eggs incubator or 500 eggs incubator. The approximate price can range between 50,000 Kenyan shillings to 60,000 kenyan shillings. If your 300 egg incubator manage to hutch 250 chicks for twenty-one days and fortunately you raise 200 chicks to maturity, it means your project is working. If you sell each chicken for 400 shillings . You will be able to raise 80,000 shillings only for four months. Furthermore, you can decide to hutch chicks and sell them for 80 shillings for one day chick.Also you should buy things like feeding troughs and watering troughs. To reduce the cost of feeds you can decide to make your own feeds. Here you can buy Omena, maize grains, sunflower seeds and make you own feeds by mixing in a certain ratios.

Start today and become millionaire. Also make sure you keep records for future reference.

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