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County To use Human Faeces as Fertilizer, Declare it Cheap to Replace Chemical Fertilizers

The current governor of Vihiga Hon. Dr. W. Ottichilo has now said that his county has commissioned a project that will process cheap fertiliser from human waste The new project will cushion farmers from high prices of chemical fertilisers. According to the county head, the project will have a Sh17 million decentralised wastewater treatment facility, commonly referred to as the bio-digester.

According to the governor, the project plant located at Ehedwe in Vihiga County, will be processing human waste of up to six exhausters per day. The new invention project will facilitate cheap agricultural inputs to the locals and other counties.

According to the ministry of agriculture human faeces shall be of great importance in the county. Cabinet Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Odiero said, "Through this project, we will clean human waste from toilets and then process the sludge into fertiliser that will be sold to farmers for between Sh300 and Sh500 per bag. This will give back returns that were spent on the construction of the project. Every day, we will clean 50 cubic metres that is equivalent to 50,000 litres of waste supplied by six exhausters."

Hon.Ottichilo said, "This project will help clean our environment as it will take waste of all manner and keep it. It will also end the culture of constructing toilets every time. The people of Vihiga will generate much out of the wastes.

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