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What is the fastest, easiest, and smartest way to start up your own business?

Agile experimenting is the key to finding business.

What you THINK is almost usually incorrect. There are some big ones and some small ones if you're a crab looking for a shell. Which one will you choose?

If you choose something that is too large, it may already be occupied.

After a year, if you choose anything too little, it may cease growing.

If you experiment, you could find something large enough to grow into and then occupy.

There are three steps to this:

Visit a market. A market is the sole place where people can buy.

Try it out in a market.

Something is up for grabs. Become the best at something.

Experimenting on the market will also allow you to test your product. Can I Sell It? Is it as well received as I had hoped? It's brimming with tales of "Hey, I've got a terrific product, but no one wants to buy it." Also, concepts that appear absurd yet become a profit (remember the pet rock?).

You can also uncover weaknesses in your business model (I believed this product was cheaper and/or faster to produce).

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