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" We Now need The Names Of The CSs" SC Now Ordered To Reveal Names Of CSs He Claims To Hoard Money

Abraham Mutai(photo courtesy)

Popular Azimio allied blogger , Abraham Mutai now wants Senior Council , Ahmednasir to disclose the names of the Cabinet Secretaries he claims to have hoard hundred of millions in dollars in their homes.

On Tuesday morning , Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi on his social media account claimed that Kenya's 2nd largest dollar reserve after Central Bank of Kenya is held by government employees.The lawyer had further accused four Cabinet Secretaries to be the ones keeping a lot of money in dollars in their homes.

"Kenya's 2nd largest dollar reserve after Central Bank of Kenya is held/kept by Govt employees in their homes...imagine the hundreds of millions in dollars the 4 CS dollar Billionaires hoard in their homes...recovery of this loot will lead to a rapid appreciation of the shilling."Ahmednasir Abdullahi tweeted.

However , Ahmednasir had left many Kenyans guessing on who exactly were the four Cabinet Secretaries Ahmednasir was talking about.Reacting to Ahmednasir's tweet , Mr Mutai has now asked the lawmaker to reveal the names of the four dollar CSs he has accused to have hoard the money.

"We now need the names of the CSes" Abraham Mutai tweeted.

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