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Here is how to prepare and grow banana plant

Banana is a very productive plant that is mainly grown in Gusii highlands.This plant has a double profit if it is grown well where there is fertile soils with enough rainfall.Large scale of the plant can improve the economy due to is demand in Kenya.

First you should dig a very wide hole that is 1feet wide and 1feet deep.This is to make sure that the banana plant is hold firmly in the soil for a period of time also is to preserve moisture.Before planting ensure you start by putting in compost manure which will help the plant grow strong and also this is to make the deep soil more fertile and ready for planting.

Place the banana seedling at the center of the hole or pit and fill it with soil by half way.This one will provide a space where manure will be placed to make the plant healthy.Make sure as a farmer you put enough manure from the cow dung or chicken droppings or even fertilizers.

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Banana Gusii


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