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The Unique Kenyan Way to Prevent Monkeys from Entering Your Farm

Alright, welcome to this channel and how I wish you started by knowing, monkeys are generally one of the few wild animals considered to be very intelligent. YES! I said intelligent, especially the elder ones.

This may look news or merely a story to you, if at all you've never interacted with this unique pests. I tell you these destructive wilds (monkeys) are very clever if not cunning. The good luck is, this article will clear the air for you to outweigh their cleverness and prevent them from destroying your crops.

To cut across their level of intelligence or rather cunningness, just understand that monkeys do study and know farmers by their level of strictness. They can know which farmer is more hostile with his/her crops and the one who seems lazy or careless with the property.

Monkeys can test your level of courageousness. It takes just less courage to scare them away, though, these cunning wilds can put you into temptations. While chasing them, the elder monkeys can try plucking off some tree branches and throw them down to you. Either, they can break twigs and try to point them at you. Never make an attempt to be scared away! These creatures will chase and run after you - while angrily jumping from tree to tree towards your direction. Ensure you have dogs if you know you can't easily withstand these cheap temptations. There is nothing a monkey fears like a barking dog. If by chance a scared monkey happens to alight to the ground upon seeing a dog or being chased by man, the speed that this vertebrate breaks into will dissolve all the trust you have for a hare or a deer.

Likewise, these cunning pests can mean to collect themselves together in a small bush just near you, remain grave silent as you keep on your mission of throwing stones with a sling. Soon their silence will lure you that the pests are gone, but it's with no time they'll be back to your farm when you've just left. Funny enough, when you have a sling and keep throwing stones to them in a forest, they tend to climb higher to the tree tips where the stones can't easily be driven to. What a clever wild!

Lastly before I release to you the effective unique way to control these wild animals. Just know that, it's much better if monkeys attack your maize crops when they are matured than at the milking stage. If monkeys drive into your maize field while at the milking stage, you can merely cry. They destroy every maize crop, breaking them to the ground while attempting to search for matured maize cobs to eat. So you better take extreme care at earlier stages.

The drama behind monkeys is endless. Back in the village, people have many ways of scaring or chasing away monkeys but none has ever outweighed the one of using a 'dead monkey'. What do I mean here? Keep reading as explained.

This is what you actually need to do, if you want to scare monkeys from your farm or village completely; look for a bunch or clump of ripe bananas. Inject all the ripe bananas with poison. Go hang the bunch on trees where the monkeys majorly operate. Bet me right on this, the wilds will celebrate the bash brought at their disposal.

It's with no time, the ones affected by the poison will drop to the ground and roll down as way to fight for their innocent lives. They infected ones will die.

But wait! The battle is still not over. Remember, probably not all the monkeys will die from the poison. Some with stronger immunities may happen to only ail but survive. The survivers will still sneak back to your garden for the crops - and even keep active their reproductive cycle. There is still one more critical step that will entirely keep you at the top of everything.

The thing is; spott a tall tree near your farm or similarly the same same point where you hunged the bananas, go hung the dead monkeys there. I tell you live monkeys will never appear close to your farm upon seeing their dead colleague. It will be their first and last day to appear anywhere close to that deadly scene. Take a try if monkeys have given you restless days back at your farms.

Don't you think this method is unique? Stay in touch by following this channel for more fascinating stories and updates.

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