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Be Aware Of This New Method Being Used By Conmen To Steal From Innocent Kenyans.

There is nothing painful like losing your hard-earned money to conmen especially during hard economic period. To protect yourself from being conned, you need to have the first hand information on what you should do and what you should not do especially on some online platforms like Facebook.

The new method most conmen are currently involves impersonating rich and famous people especially those in the political arena. They go on to create fake accounts which looks exactly like that of a certain powerful leader then they begin their treachery tricks through messaging people in their inbox.

They lure people into falling in their traps by sending them congratulation messages that they have be promoted with like ksh 20,000. They then ask for things like a person's full names and a transaction fee. If a person is vulnerable enough, he may end up sending the fee but by the time he calls to know how he will receive his ksh 20,000, those conmen will be off the radar.

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