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Current Cost Price of Boran Bull Weighing 700Kg

Cattle farming is growing large in the continent of Africa with Boran cows developing rapidly in eastern Africa in Borana plateau in southern Ethiopia.

With the rapid growth, Boran has developed into the dominant breed in Kenya, where the Kenyan Boran Cattle Breeders’ Society (BCBS) have bred the Improved Boran.

Boran is medium in size with a short head, small ears, loose dewlap and a large hump above the shoulders. They can be horned or polled.

They have a height varying from 114cm to 147cm tall. Bulls weigh approximately 500kg to 850kg while cows weigh about 380kg to 450kg.

When taken to the market, these Boran bulls can fetch different prices from 950,000 to about 1.2 Million. For instance, the former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero once bought one at Ksh950,000.

In the same year, Charolais bull weighing in at 1,050kg, was going at a cost of Ksh600,000 during the East Africa Growers Council agribusiness expo that was held at Kabarak University.

Within a span of two years, former President Uhuru bought the 700 kilogrammes champion bull at a whooping Ksh1.2 million at the ASK trade fair. This means that if the bull was to be sold today for another time, it will cost about Ksh 1.5 Million.

Boran prices are never constant and they keep changing according to the prevailing economic conditions, their body weight as well as their overall health conditions.


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