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Wacha Kupanda Cactus, Here is A Tree That Can Make You Millions Within One Year in Kenya

Cactus is one of the scrubs which is mostly found within the tropics in Azal regions. Many people uses it to fence there farms. Apart from that it is also used for some medicinal purpose. Similarly, there is a crop that resembles cactus and it survives in almost all parts with limited rainfall.

In this article we are going to focus on this crop identified as Dragon. It's fruit is currently on high demand in Kenyan market and also world market. Two Chinese nationals who have ventured into the Dragon fruit plant farming in Naivasha have greatly testified the value of this crop.According to a post by Tuko news on their Facebook account, the crop is cost effective and has a ready market. It's fruit is very sweet and nutritious. The couple are based within the shores of lake Naivasha, a region known for flower farming.They have to brought diversification by introducing more profitable farming. Each fruit is currently at a price of Ksh 800 and each tree can yield more than 50 fruits per year. This implies that an acre of such trees can yield you millions of money.The crop takes 1 to 1.5 months to be harvested.

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