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3 Businesses That Bring Good Income But We Ignore

With current harsh economy, it is hard for many Kenyans to put food on the table since most of them are un employed. Majority lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

The good news is that there are other ways in which , they can get money by doing business.

There are businesses that require very low capital of only 1500 shillings and can bring good income only that most people ignore it. Others consider it dirty.

These businesses include;

1. Milk Business.

Selling milk in town however small it can be can earn you money. If you can get milk from a farmer who will sale milk to at 40 shillings per litre then you sell at 60 shillings per litre you will make 20 shillings per liter. Assuming you sale 50 litres per day then you will make 1000 shillings profit. That is great than just complaining that there is no job.

2. Grocery store.

It is one of the best business that can earn you good amount of money as long as you source your goods directly from the farm or you buy in wholesale . Selling vegetables especially 'kienyeji' will take you far.

3. Chips business.

At the moment the price of a sack of potatoes is low, so it is the best time to start . It doesn't require a lot of capital.

You can start with few packets of potatoes and one litre of cooking oil and progressively increase the amount.

Start any of these three business now and you won't regret all the best.

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Kenyans Milk Business


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