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Meet A Man Who 'Owns' The Moon And He's Selling Lunar Land

Dennis Hope

Dennis Hope continue to make millions of money through selling land on the moon. Over the years, he has sold acres of real estate on the moon as he believes it's his to sell. In 1980, Dennis realized that the United Nations treaty of 1967 on putter space said that no country could own the moon but it never said anything about individuals owing the land. 

He decided to write to the United Nations claiming the ownership of the moon and asked UN for legal reason why an individual couldn't claim ownership of the moon. The united nations, did not write back. Since then, he has sold lunar land certificate at around 24 dollars per acre including seeling to Barbara Walters, John Travolta, Tom cruise and Former US presidents, Carter, Bush and many others. 

Over the years, Hope, continue to sell and he's very serious about the ownership of the moon, when China announced that it's going to build a base on the moon, he wrote them a letter and said that their craft will not reach the moon unless they have a licensing agreement with him. Finally Hope who's the president of the Galactic government, took the claim over mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter's moons Io and Pluto

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