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This is the Cost of Setting a Chemist Shop.

Chemist shop is one of the latest business ideas to think of. Chemist has high potential of thriving in every economy. The other good thing about chemist is that the prices are always static hence no room for bargaining. Negotiating the price of medicine is like bargaining on your health. Setting a chemist shop it needs some good preparation but it guarantees good profit. Medical equipments and drug are always very costly. This increases the cost of starting capital. Other issue is about license. Chemist is one of sensitive shops because it deals with people's health. A small mistake can lead to total health effects to society. A license from ministry of healthy can be issued after thorough assessment of the establishing chemist. A license can cost almost 20k per year which should be renewed annually.

After acquiring license and a room too, then the remaining part is to place order of the medicines you need. This can only be done through recognized institution.The cost of starting is slightly higher and out of range from average people. You will probably need to have saved some money to start or be in a position to take a loan. It so happens that before the pharmacy and poisons board approves your request to operate a chemist business in Kenya you must have a minimum of 500 000 Kenya shillings as start-up capital for the chemist business. You will also need to do interior works on the shop to install shelves for displaying medicines. In summary you need the following budget;

Annual practicing licence 20000

Wholesale dealers licences 5000

Rent(1 months) 7000

Electricity and Water 3,000

Chemist specialist salary 20,000

Stock deposit( minimum) 500,000

Total 555,000

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