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The Only Business In Kenya That You Will Never See It Being Advertised On TV Commercials

Business people and manufactures tend to advertise their products for it to reach their preferred customers. There are those products that are legal to advertise in televisions example being food products. Others include manufactured, processed and textile goods. On the other hand their are some of the products which you will never see them being advertised on screen example being alcohol and cigarettes. [Photo Courtesy]

Besides that, their is also a business of coffin and casket making that is thriving in Kenya. How I'm earth can you advertise something that can create tension and trigger bad memories in people. Creating an advert on on caskets and coffins is like encouraging people to die. People will feel offended by the advert and they can even boycott the television station.[Photo Courtesy]

Some of the people who makes coffins and caskets will always create their own blog whereby they can advertise their products. The coffin business has been shunned by many people claiming that it creates fear among members who surround you. For instance the county government of TransNzoia had earlier banned coffin makers who were around Kitale District Hospital. Patients complained about being frightened when they see coffins around the hospital.

Accordingly to other sources, some people claim that you cannot make coffins in some areas of West Pokot. When they find out that you have started the business, they will vandalize your workshop and destroy everything. You will then be chased away from their soil and banned from conducting any business in their region.

It is unfortunate to what the coffin makers usually pass through in their business. The truth is, we cannot say that they should stop their business since it is where they get their daily bread. Secondly, if it were not for them, people would be probably be buried in the most indecent way. The business is some how lucrative to those who sell products to rich clients. Unfortunately, many kenyans do not see the business as a way of making ends meet. They always perceive that the coffin makers always wants people to die.[Photo Courtesy]

Nevertheless, we should not discourage anyone from their work. That is there business and we must accept the fact that they survive because if it. If you are one of them and you would like to advertise your business, the best way is to create a personal or a business blog for it. You can also add in social media platforms like facebook and Instagram. Lastly, we should appreciate everyone's business and treat them equally.

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