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5 Agri-Businesses to Start With Hustler Fund That Will Make You a Millionaire in 2 Yrs

Photo courtesy of President William Ruto.

Interested Kenyans are glad to be officially authorized to access the hustler fund they have been eagerly anticipating. President William Ruto promised a Hustler Fund during their campaigns and that is set to come to fruition today.

However, this article provides five important businesses that can earn you Millions in two years if well organized, strategized, and supervised. More importantly, these ideas must be well-managed to yield positive results.


Poultry farming is among the best multimillion ventures in the agribusiness scope. This is the easiest idea to adopt because it requires less space and less time to manage. You are not needed to be present full-time because birds are reared periodically.


House structure of 300 birds Ksh 20,000.

300 Birds/Chicks at sh 40 each is Ksh12,000.

That is Ksh32,000 and thus Ksh 18,000 remains which you will use in feeds, vaccination, and general management.

Well-managed Birds take 5-6 months to mature when you will begin enjoying the returns. From the assumption that 200 of the birds are layers, you will make 200 eggs per day and we also assume that you experienced almost 10 mortalities.


200 eggs × Ksh 20 each gives you Ksh 4,000 per day but subtracts 1,000 to purchase feeds daily. In a month you will make 3,000×30 which gives you 90,000, and thus a year gives you Ksh1,080,000.

Sell 90 cocks for at least Ksh1,500 each which gives you Ksh135,000.


Table banking is an entrepreneurial model of loaning money at the local level. You can loan to your business colleagues and farmers which yields you higher interest.

For instance, loaning out at an interest of Ksh 20 in every Ksh1,000 per day is not a bad return.


Sheep farming is among the most profitable ventures with higher profits. The Ewes take only three months to give birth and the majority are always twins.


Dairy and Goat Farming under strict management will yield you good money. They can be confined to small areas making them easier to manage.

Those are five opined ideas to start with the Hustler fund.


It is only achievable under strict management and having a passion for them. Remember, every business involves risks and benefits. Consequently, they are not 100% secure as stated by the law of nature.

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