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Ways To Make Money On A Homestead

Homesteading can be marvelous through it is sometimes time-consuming. We are made to believe that a working homestead is is two working spouses in different companies. Regardless of that, to me, it’s a lie. Working all day long in other people's offices can be time-consuming. It also wastes time for various projects that you can do at home to improve your compound and homestead in general.  

Everyone in this world needs money. And if you need money, you have to work for it or make it. So, if you are always on the homestead, you have to find ways into which you can exercise your productivity in your homestead. We have various ways in which one can make a lot of money by using a small portion of part in his or her homestead. 

The list below, may not bring a large sum of money but it is worthy because a combination of worthwhile activities aids in bringing in a decent income.  

The act of diversification is very important when it comes to your money. It is the first important step to resiliency and self-sufficiency. We all know it is said don’t put all your eggs in one basket. So, having various streams into which you can venture a little income, will gather you lot of profit and in return, be a self-made billionaire. 


1. POULTRY. This is rearing of birds either for meat, eggs, or both or for sale purposes. Selling extra eggs cuts off the output of your finances and makes the chickens self-sustaining. This can be done by rearing quails, ducks, turkeys, and breeding chickens. 

2. LIVESTOCK: Depending on your space, this can be achieved. Hoe err, no matter how small your homestead is, you scanning fail to find up a small space to keep a goat or two. Along with that, you can bees to sell honey and the honeycombs. In addition, you can raise pigs and sheep for meat sales. You can also keep several breeds for dogs for sale. At least, a good breed if a dog ranges between Ksh 10k-20k or even up to 80k.

3. GARDENING. This can be achieved by selling if an extra farm produces such as vegetables, fruits, and other produce. You can also make money by selling sprouts, seeds, and herbs.

4. UNIQUE TALENTS. This is among my favorite. You make money from using your talent to create unique arts from woods or fiber products. You can also be an animal trainer and also a people trainer and train them how to deal with each other. You can also work at home creating websites from WordPress, blogging, or even writing books. You can begin an online class if you are good at something valuable. 

It is upon you to now divide how you can make your homestead productive to earn you money. For viral purposes, you can share this article so that many can benefit from it.

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