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Most Despised But Well-Paying Jobs In Nairobi

A large number of young people who have concentrated on the level of school or university and the desire for nursing to get better pay opportunities avoid these opportunities as a plague.

Sadly, a large part of it ends up working and moving forward in the city in search of work to get the best pay per view.

Couples, however, have fallen into their hands and taken on these despised jobs, and they are doing well and good.

Here are the example of the jobs


Selling products, for example, processed clothes, kitchen machines, food items can lead to a profit margin. For example, a street vendor can buy up to Ksh 3,000-Ksh5,000 daily under normal circumstances but this also depends on the location decision.

Garbage Collection

Seemingly perhaps the most neglected corporations, the garbage industry has become a source of hope for young people who need job opportunities. Many are committed to making good bread from the business.

Car Wash

A new summary completed by, in wills such as Westlands, Huruma, Ruaka / Gachie, and parts of Pangani revealed that the car wash business serves around 100-300 cars per day for a daily fee of Ksh13,000- Ksh20,000.


Known for its wild and uncontrolled nature, promotion is a good career that many young people will choose, a business that deserves commendation but not for the poor.


Those interested in crafts will greatly affect the fun activity that confuses them. This includes creating different shapes from stone, metal, ceramics, wood, and different materials.

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