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The process of buying land in Kenya

This is the process you need to follow to buy land in Kenya to avoid falling victim to conmen who have flooded the sector of late;

1. Ask to see the original title deed or its photocopy. With the copy, search the ministry of Lands office to confirm who the real owners are or if the title deed has any caveat on it. The search costs sh. 520 (subject to change).

2. After confirming the owners, the next step is to visit the local authorities (County government) to check if there are any pending land rates. If there is, you should discuss with the landowner who will settle the rates because the transfer of ownership cannot occur if there are pending rates.

3. After the rates are settled, go to the ministry of Land and purchase two maps, one showing the exact measurements of the piece you are buying(mutation) and the other showing the neighboring lands. Each map costs sh. 350 (subject to change).

4. With the two maps and a surveyor, visit the land you are buying and verify the details on the map. Check the measurements keenly.

5. After checking and verifying, agree on the price with the seller. After settling down on a price, write an agreement. The agreement should be done before a lawyer. According to the Law Society of Kenya rates, if the land is sh. 1M, the lawyer should be paid sh. 3000 (subject to change), if the land is above sh. 1M, the lawyer should be paid sh. 8000 (subject to change) for the agreement. At this stage, it is important to involve your spouse/partner.

6. After the written agreement is signed by the Lawyer, seller, and you (the buyer), the next step is to pay a fraction of the amount agreed. Do not pay the whole amount at this stage even if you have the whole amount ready. Even if you trust the seller, it is advisable not to pay the whole amount at this stage.

7. The next step is to book a meeting with the Lands Control Board (LCB). They meet once a month and booking a meeting will cost you sh. 1000 (subject to change). There are also special meetings for those who are uncomfortable with waiting for the once-a-month meeting, booking the special meeting costs sh. 5000 (subject to change). Lands Control Board (LCB) will issue consent for the land to be sold.

8. After getting the consent, you are now free to pay the remaining amount of money.

9. With the consent from LCB, a recent search (not more than 6 months), clearance form from County Land rates, the two maps you bought earlier, the agreement, KRA pin, two passports,andd a copy of the title deed, go to the ministry of lands to change the ownership of the land. This process costs sh. 5000 (subject to change).

10. After changing the ownership, you should now part with the seller. The next step is paying the stamp duty according to the value of the land. The rates are; 4% of the sale value in municipalities and 2% of the sale value in reserves.

11. After paying the stamp duty, you are now the new owner of the land. Before celebrating your achievement, you should visit the ministry of land offices near you to confirm if the land reads under your name. This is a very important step that is usually ignored by many due to excitement.

12. After all the eleven processes are done, you are now free to fence your new land and start your development project.

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