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Nairobi Is Ready For Polycarp Igathe With Or Without the Buffoonery — Opinion

Former Equity Group Holdings Chief Commercial Officer Polycarp Igathe on Thursday traversed the streets of Nairobi mounted on a donkey.

Igathe, a five-star industrial guru was probably out to replicate the meekness of one Jesus of Nazareth two centuries ago, but he ended up looking absurd and totally out of place.

For a month now Polycarp Igathe has eaten mandazi in kibanda's, ridden on matatus and Bodaboda, and done nearly all the things that ordinary everyday Kenyans do. The truth, unfortunately, is that after the bitter taste of Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Nairobians are fed up with theatrics and unnecessary drama.

Polycarp Igathe unexpectedly offered to wash this stranger's car.

Nairobi is ready for Igathe as himself: a true technocrat with a proven track record in turning around moribund stakes in the corporate world. Certainly, there's no need for him to continue making a buffoon of himself

Whether or not Igathe possesses the golden wand and benefits from an "Open and Close Sesame" type of luck is of no consequence here. Igathe has been the Deputy Governor of Nairobi and he resigned on grounds of principle, retaining his dignity in the eyesight of the voters.

Top: Igathe in a miraa den and bottom letting loose in song and dance at some function in the city.

Meanwhile, Polycarp Igathe should work on his attitude and perception of politics and politicians. It's not an acting game. Granted nobody, particularly an unskilled lot of political operatives, is born with the moral authority to lord it over others in the name of public representation. But that happens to be the definition of politics and government which is distinctly different from the corporate world where merit reigns supreme over all else.

With his towering record (needless to mention that he has the right party ticket) Igathe is the safest pair of hands to carry-on President Uhuru's infrastructural legacy of transforming Nairobi into a world-class metropolis.

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