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Top 10 African Countries Rich in Natural Resources in 2021 (Photos)

10. Botswana 

The country is rich in diamond, copper, coal, soda ash, and nickel. The countries economy highly depends on mining, and that's why the minimum industry there is in the process of development.

They have huge resources of gem diamonds, which is the main focus of its export. The country is also leading in coal production, which is used for the production of synthetic fuels.

9. Ghana 

The country is rich in gold, bauxite, diamonds, manganese, crude oil, silver, and salt. They are the second-largest producer of gold in Africa.

8. Tanzania 

The country is rich in Tanzanite, gold, diamonds, and silver. They are the only supplier in the world of the rare gemstone called Tanzanite.

7. Guinea 

Guinea is rich in bauxite. The production of bauxite contributes to the production of aluminum. Guinea produces 95% of the entire bauxite production of Africa.

6. Mozambique 

Rich in aluminum. When it comes to natural resources, Mozambique is a diverse country. The annual production of aluminum in Mozambique is around 580 000 tons and forms 30% of the countries export. They also export beryllium and tantalum.

In terms of soil, they are rich in limestone, cement, marble, gemstones, coal, iron, gold, oil, gas, and steel.

5. South Africa

They are rich in diamonds and gold. Apart from gold and diamonds which they are popular for, there is plenty of other minerals like platinum, copper, uranium, vanadium, coal, Chromium, iron, zirconium, nickel, and many more.

4. Zambia 

They are rich in copper, emerald, and cobalt. Zambia is the richest country in Africa in terms of copper, and they produce 77% of African copper.

3. DR Congo 

Congo is rich in copper, cobalt, diamond, oil, coltan, gold, and tin, and other natural minerals.

2. Namibia 

They are rich in uranium, diamonds, zinc, lead, sulfur, salt, tantalite, and copper. The country ranks 4th largest producer of uranium in the world.

1. Niger 

They are rich in uranium, coal, cement, and gold. Niger supplies 44% of African uranium worldwide, contributing to 40% of Niger's export resources.

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