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Top 15 Most Profitable Small Businesses in Kenya

Do you know what the most profitable businesses in Kenya are? This article will provide a list of some of the most profitable businesses you can start with or invest in as a small business.

Kenya’s economy is mostly based on agriculture, trade, and services. Most of the people who are employed in Kenya work in small businesses. However, some of these businesses do not profit due to a lack of knowledge and skills among their owners and a lack of funds for expansion.

The reason why small businesses are found everywhere in Kenya is that most Kenyans have an entrepreneurial spirit. Here are some of the most profitable businesses you can start with or invest in, especially if you want to earn a lot of money without investing too much.

Here is a list of the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya:

1. Car wash businesses

The car washing business is a service industry that can help you earn a lot of money if done well. It involves taking care of vehicles, including cleaning them to look more attractive and boost their resale value.

The most profitable car wash businesses offer services like car detailing because people with high incomes are willing to spend more money on their cars. Car washes are popular in most neighborhoods and towns, which means you will have good business if you start one.

2. Laundry Business in Kenya.

Laundry businesses are a good business to start in Kenya. They are profitable and available for rent almost everywhere, even in slums. You can start a laundry service like dry cleaning or washing clothes with whatever equipment you have, like a washing machine at home.

The reason why laundry businesses are very profitable is that people usually need them because clothes get dirty. The most profitable laundry businesses use advanced washing machines to make the work faster and more efficient.

3. Cosmetics Business in Kenya.

Cosmetics businesses are a good business idea. You can start in Kenya to earn money. The main business is about selling cosmetic products like nail polish, other skin, and hair products. You can also offer beauty services such as manicure, pedicure, or makeup services. This type of business requires minimal investment because all you need is a space for the business and some cosmetic products.

Cosmetics businesses are popular in urban areas like Nairobi, Mombasa, or Kisumu, where many people can afford your services or products.

4. Spare-parts sales Business in Kenya.

A spare parts sales business is a good business idea. You can start in Kenya if you have some knowledge and skills required to repair vehicles. It does not require much capital because all you need is a small shop or space to sell your products. The most profitable spare parts businesses deal with high-end vehicles such as trucks, tractors, busses, and german cars. The less profitable spare-parts businesses are those which repair low-end vehicles like matatus or small motorcycles.

5. Travel agency business in Kenya

Travel agencies are good businesses to start in Kenya. The reason is that most people have dreams of visiting beautiful places or traveling abroad, and they need a travel agency to help them plan for their trip.

The most profitable travel business is the one that operates online because you can advertise your business through social media sites like Facebook. You will reach many people and do a lot of business if you know how to advertise your agency.

6. Computer Sales Business in Kenya

Computer sales are also good businesses to start in Kenya. The reason is that most households use computers for work, study, or entertainment, and they need computer repair services and new equipment all the time because computers break down often. If you know how to repair computers or buy used equipment and sell them as new, you can start a computer sales business.

The most profitable computer sales businesses operate online because they reach more customers than physical stores do. So if you have a website and social media accounts where to advertise your business, you can make a lot of sales.

7. Food sales Business in Kenya

Food sales are good businesses to start in Kenya because people usually eat several times per day, and it is difficult for them to cook meals at home all the time. They need food delivery services or ready-to-eat food to buy at the market or buy cooked meals from restaurants.

If you have a food business, you can easily improve it by offering home delivery services and selling online through social media sites like Facebook or Google+. You can also start as a street food vendor selling cooked meals in slums and rural areas where people do not have enough money to buy cooked meals from restaurants.

8. Landscaping Business in Kenya

Landscaping is a good business idea to start if you have some experience and knowledge of gardening, landscaping, or lawn care activities. The most profitable landscaping businesses offer private homes services because they need regular maintenance for their gardens and lawns. The least profitable landscaping businesses offer services for commercial buildings or companies because they require regular maintenance. Still, it is scheduled to fit in their financial plans.

9. Security Businesses in Kenya

A security business can be very profitable if you run it well and use the right marketing techniques. You can start a security business by buying a few guard uniforms and some ordinary flashlights. Then you can use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn to advertise your services and hire guards for small events like football games or concerts in Kenya.

10. Baking and Cake Making Business in Kenya.

Baking and cake making is a profitable business that you can start with little capital because you need only a small oven to bake cakes, pastries, or bread. The most profitable bakery business is the one that offers delivery services because they reach more customers than physical stores do.

You can use social media sites like Facebook to advertise your business and build your brand. So go to social media sites now, create an account if you do not have one yet, and learn how to use them for advertisement purposes.

11. Motorcycle Repair Business in Kenya

Many people in Kenya use motorcycles as it is the cheapest way to travel from place to place. The problem with motorcycles is that they break down often because they are relatively old and not well maintained. So this means you can start a motorcycle repair business by acquiring some tools, learning how to fix them, and then opening your own workshop in Nairobi or Mombasa.

12. Mobile Phone Sales Business in Kenya

The mobile phones business is also profitable in Kenya because more and more people buy mobile phones. They especially buy them to get a good price or steal and sell in the black market. You can start this business by buying second-hand mobile phones, fixing them, refurbishing them, and reselling them at a higher price.

13. Taxi Businesses in Kenya

Taxis are very cheap in Kenya as compared to other developed countries. This means more people use them, and it is a viable business for all ages. You can start this business by buying an old car, fixing it, and then painting it yellow so that people will easily know you offer taxi services. Then advertise the services using social media sites like Facebook or by word of mouth.

Another way is to join Taxi-hailing apps like Uber or Bolt, which have good business ideas for Kenya.

14. Airbnb business in Kenya

If you have a spare room or a house you don’t stay in much, why not rent it out and make extra money? Many people from other countries come to Kenya on holidays or business trips but cannot find hotel rooms reasonably. You can start this business by renting out your spare room or house you don’t stay into those foreigners. Or, if you do not have enough space, you can rent out your room when you are not there. This is possible through Airbnb, a website where people advertise their houses or rooms for rent.

15. Jewellery Business in Kenya

Jewelry businesses are profitable because many people like buying jewelry, especially when it is beautiful and unique. You can start this business by buying some jewelry, learning how to make it yourself using online tutorials, and promoting your business by word of mouth

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