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Money Waste. How A Man Converts Waste To A Huge Income.

Sometimes it is quite interesting to hear people say that there are no jobs. Am always amused to hear people blame the government for failing to put food on their own tables. Little known to them that they are responsible for their own failures.

Now, a man in Embu county along the highway earns a huge income with little effort through conversation of waste cement bags and alcohol cans to meaningful resources. How does he do it?.

First, the man is a flower grower and specialist commonly known as Mauru. He does flower growing. We all know how expensive it is when it comes to growing flowers, from sourcing the holder bags to the seeds.

About a year ago, the government of Kenya banned polyethylene bags, this move sow many flower growers and flowers farms collapse but Mauru never allowed his farm to collapse instead it was like a gate opener to him. They say necesity is the mother of invetion.

Mauru narrates that he was almost quiting his business due to lack of polyethylene bags to hold the seedlings, untill one day when he was on construction site and saw many cement bags being dumped on one Coner of the site. It is at this moment that Mauru thought of reviving his crumbling business.

So, he had to pick the bags and make them holder pots for his flowers and within few days his flower farm was greener than ever before. His flower farm earns him not less than 1000 per every single day. How is this possible?

Mauru does supply the bags to other flower growers in Tharaka Nithi, Embu and Meru, he earns much from this as he sources them for free and sells each bag for 3 shillings.

As I was walking on his farm I sow something unusual, that was the alcohol cans and I decided to ask him about them. He says that the cans are the most convenient seedling holders and very efficient.

I was puzzled to ask how the idea come to his mind and so I asked. Mauru says that he discovered the idea when he was having a drink in one of the pubs in the area after being stressed up on the banned polythene bags.

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