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Profitable Business You Can Start With Amount More Than 90,000 Shillings.

Liquefied petroleum gas retail can be a very lucrative business today in Kenya. This is because most of the population of Kenya use gas to cook and this is the most common cooking item in households today, be it in urban centers or rural centers in Kenya.

Therefore if you want to start a LPG gas retail shop you can start in either small centers, major towns and cities. But if you want other make a good income from your shop consider small centers and growing towns since in these two places there a no many business people who have majored in this gas retail shop business.

To Start this business there is one major factor that you must consider, consider the types of gases that are used with many people. Is it 3kgs, 6kgs, 13kgs, 22.5kgs or 50kgs.

There are also many companies that make such cooking gases and customers may demand the kind of gas he wants to buy, be it k gas, Mengas, Pro - Gas among many other kind of gases.

Currently many people in Kenya buy the 6 kg gases from either the three kinds of gases I have mentioned earlier. This is because those are the common gases in most of the regions in Kenya and their price is also affordable.

After now all that you only need to have at least 90,000 shillings for you to start and run this business successfully. That is the least amount you should have since these gases are not that cheap.

Rent a small shop and brand it with a good name i.e LPG retail shop. Ensure you go for a business permit and license before you start this business. This can roughly cost you 4,000 shillings and also ensure you have a small fore extinguisher for any emergency.

Give an order in the company and let them supply with gases. With 90,000 shillings you can have at least 20 filled gases.

You can make a profit of 100 to 150 shillings on refilling one gas for the customers. The price keep varying and therefore we can give exact commission you can make on selling one gas, that is just an average commission you can make.

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