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Top 15 Small Profitable Distribution Business Ideas that can make you Ksh. 5000 a day in Kenya

Distributing products is one of the most common ways to earn money. You can sell your own products or work for a company that sells other people’s products. Let’s talk about small distribution business ideas.

You can either sell directly to customers or through retail stores. Whichever route you take, there are many types of businesses you can get into.

Here are some of the best small distribution business ideas:

Clothing Distributor

If you love fashion, then starting a clothing distribution company might be perfect for you. There’s no limit to the number of styles that you can carry. Plus, you’ll always have fresh stock because you’re buying at wholesale prices. Here’s an idea based on a similar concept called “The Outlet.” It offers trendy clothes at low prices. You just buy from them directly instead of going through a retailer.

Jewelry Supplier

Starting a jewelry supplier isn’t as easy as it sounds. But if you’ve got great taste in gems, then selling high-quality pieces at affordable prices may be worth considering. If you want to start small, consider setting up shop online. That way, you can reach many types of buyers without spending too much money. And if you decide to open a brick-and-mortar location, make sure you offer free shipping so customers can get their items quickly.

Grocery Supplier

Grocery wholesaling involves purchasing foodstuffs at bulk rates and reselling them at retail stores. This type of business requires lots of capital outlay upfront, but after that initial investment, you can expect steady monthly income.

Wholesale Pet Food Supplier

Pet owners often prefer purchasing pet foods from local retailers rather than large chain supermarkets. They feel more comfortable knowing where their food came from. The problem is most retail locations don’t accept returns. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t set up shop as a wholesaler who sells only to independent pet shops.

Wholesale Home Improvement Supplier

Home improvements are big business. People spend hundreds of dollars every year improving their homes. Unfortunately, most homeowners end up paying inflated prices because of middlemen involved in the transaction. Instead of getting ripped off like this, why not become your own middleman? Set up a website where consumers can browse various options before making purchases. Then, when someone makes a purchase, send them a quote detailing what they need along with any additional information necessary. Once everything has been agreed upon, ship the goods directly to the customer.

Wholesale Electronics Distributor

Electronics manufacturing companies usually keep huge inventories of electronics lying around just because it’s cheaper to do so. Rather than letting all those extra items sit idle, consider setting yourself up as a wholesale electronic distributor. Contact suppliers directly and offer to buy back old stock. Explain that you’ll be reselling the product at a discount price. Most will agree to terms without much hassle.

Wholesale Restaurant Franchisee

Restaurant franchises are extremely popular nowadays. But many franchisees find themselves stuck dealing with high fees and low margins.

Why not get into the restaurant franchising game instead? Find out which restaurants are looking for new operators and then apply for one of these positions. This way, you won’t have to pay upfront costs associated with opening a restaurant. Plus, you’ll earn a nice monthly income while working part-time.

Wholesale Supplier

If you’ve got experience as a supplier, you might already know how lucrative wholesaling can be. In fact, you may even have set up your own company specifically to sell products to other businesses. However, if you have done nothing like this yet, now would be a good time to jump right in! Start contacting local retailers and offering your wares. Be sure to include detailed descriptions and photos of your merchandise. Also, mention that you accept payment via PayPal.

Auto Spare Parts Distribution Company

The auto spare parts distribution business involves selling replacement car parts to dealerships at affordable rates. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who want to make extra cash without having to deal directly with cars. To start off, contact several suppliers and ask them if they offer discounts for volume purchases. Next, negotiate lower prices based on quantity. Finally, deliver the items yourself.

Once you become familiar with the process, it shouldn’t take much effort to keep things running smoothly.

Dairy Product Distribution Business

Dairy product distribution companies typically work closely with grocery store chains. They provide these establishments with fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, eggs, and more. This means that you’ll deal less with individual customers than you will work with supermarkets. Plus, you won’t have to worry about storing perishable goods because they’ll be delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep.

To get started, find out which supermarket chains are currently looking for new vendors.

Medicine Distribution Business

Medicines are one of the biggest industries in America today. There is always plenty of room for growth within the medical supply sector. The best way to enter the market is through medicine distribution. By partnering with pharmacies, drugstores, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices, you can help ensure that patients receive quality medicines at reasonable costs.

In addition to providing services to healthcare providers, you should your own pharmacy.

Security & Surveillance Products Distribution

Security products include everything from surveillance cameras to alarm systems. These businesses sell a wide variety of security equipment to both residential and commercial clients. In fact, many homeowners use home security devices as part of their insurance packages. Thus, this type of wholesaler makes money every time someone buys a security system.

If you’d like to learn how to set up your own security company, then read our guide: How to Start Your Own Home Security Service.

Sports Goods Distribution

Sports goods distributors stock athletic gear, including baseball bats, basketballs, football helmets, golf clubs, soccer balls, tennis rackets, and volleyball nets. Many people purchase sports equipment for themselves but also buy it for others. For example, parents often give children sporting equipment so that they can play outside safely.

As long as you know where to look, you can easily find wholesale buyers for many sports equipment. You just need to do some research before making a decision.

Car Accessories Distribution

Many consumers enjoy customizing their vehicles by adding aftermarket accessories. Car accessory manufacturers produce everything from spoilers to sunroofs. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor for these kinds of products, then check out our article on how to start a car accessory distributorship.

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