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“Kenya Only Owes China 10% Of Its Total Debt” China Finally Makes It Clear About Kenya's Debt To Them

If you are a kenyan, you must have come across the debt issue which is currently sabotaging our economy. Most people talk about how much Kenya owes China which appears to be our major creditors where we are currently at nine trillion of loan.

China has finally come out making it clear about how much Kenya owes them to erode propagandas on social media. According to them, they said that Kenya only owes them about ten percent of the total loan of nine trillion. This means that Kenya only owes China around one trillion which is easily payable.

This is a clear indication that our country Kenya owes more money to international monetary fund and world bank which is a great lender to many third word countries. This shows that Kenya is still dependent to western nations. According to you kenyans, what is your view on this? Let's meet in the comments section and talk about this.

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China Kenya Owes China


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