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Reasons As To Why Every Farmer Should Use Rabbit Urine In Farming

Rabbit rearing in Kenya is nowadays valued by many farmers due its multipurpose benefits. For long time rabbit has been reared for meat, skin, and also as a pet as they add aesthetic value in homes.

Rabbits inside there house

They are several breeds of rabbits and some are named according to where they originate and some are named according to there characteristics. The main breeds are California white, Ear lope, New Zealand white, chinchilla, Flemish giant, Holland lop rabbit, dutch rabbit and English spot.

A farmer demonstrating how to harvest rabbit urine

According to recent research it has been discovered that rabbits urine is very nutritious in nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium which is needed by plants for healthy growth. Rabbits are now good providers of cheap and cost efficient fertilizer.

Many farmers are currently enhancing in rabbit rearing in order to reduce the cost of buying fertilizers. Rabbit urine is also beneficial to farmers because because it is not acidic and therefore it cannot poison the soil but it will help to neutralise soil acidity.

Rabbit urine after being processed

According to one of the small scale farmer in Kuresoi called John Kiplagat he said that he has used rabbit urine since last year as his fertilizer and he has seen great change from his farm.

Mr John Kiplagat on Tuesday at interview told Xinhua that "I had not taken seriously the use of rabbit urine in growing potatoes, maize, beans or the fodder crops until officers from the ministry of agriculture visited me. I only used the urine on vegetables".

A farmer spraying rabbit urine to the crops

A farmer will collect urine according to the number of rabbits he or she has, the level of feeding and the type of the leaves they are fed with. Nowadays the fertilizer making company (Kenya Com Rabbit Consortium Limited ) have started buying urine from farmers in order to make fertilizers from rabbits urine. And this become a source of income to the Farmers.

According to Kenya Com Rabbit Consortium Limited Coordinating Director Rabbit urine is used to make liquid organic fertilizer, folia feed, soil conditioner and insecticide. Rabbit urine is environmental friendly since it does not pollute environment and it is also highly affordable.

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