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Low Cadre Millionaire Employees At City Hall Unmasked

The former Nairobi County Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Mutuku Kiamba was enjoying his ill-gotten wealth unperturbed.

It was until the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) swung into action that it invaded Mr. Kiamba's vast portfolio worth over half a billion shillings.

The exclusive millionaire in the company of others possess a big problem for Governor Johnson Sakaja in the fight against cartel-ridden City Hall.

Billions of shillings have been lining individuals' pockets at the expense of service delivery for city residents.

Others include Wilson Nashon Kanani, Michael Auka Ajwang, Mrclerk Ambrose Musa, driver Josphat Njoroge, deputy chief financial officer Stephen Ogaga and another unidentified individual. Kiamba is believed to have pocketed billions meant for service delivery for Nairobi residents.

His role was to ensure that all the money collected by City Hall officials in all departments was banked. The cunning Kiamba could bank all the money but not in City Hall's accounts.

He joined City Hall in 2007 when he had a net worth of Sh. 1 million. A year later, he developed his Sh. 400,000 plot in Athi River and shortly earned Sh. 300,000 in rent collections.

Where EACC gets suspicious is the origin of the money as the only liability they had incurred was Sh. 50,000 loan borrowed from Co-operative Bank.

This indicates that the property was either developed from cash payments or borrowed millions and repaid the sum in less than a year.

Mr. Kiamba shot into an A-list of embezzlers since, by 2013, his net worth shot to Sh. 401 million. The EACC experts smelt a rat, a situation that led to the probe.

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