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Foreign exchange

A Lady Finds Several Ksh1000 Notes Of The Old Kenyan Currency In A Bag And Here Is What happened

I have a question for you, how would you feel today if you discovered that you had a stock of 1000 notes of the previous currency keeping in mind that the date to exchange the monies elapsed long time ago?

This is what happened to one Eva Cheboi who found out that she had several bundles of 1000 Kenya shillings notes stashed in a bag that she had not checked in 14 good years. The monies have no meaning right now, a year later after the new currency was introduced. The lady laments that she fainted when she found out that she had such an amount of money but have no value anymore. Some people have reacted to the case and some comment stating the opposite of the Swahili phrase “Akiba haiozi” saying “kumbe akiba huoza?”

If you were the lady what would you do?. Given that the current economy is a tough one and several people are experiencing an itch due to Covid 19 effects on the economy.

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Eva Cheboi


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