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Details On How to Register and Check Your Hustler Funds Loan Limit

The President of Kenya has just announced the launch of the hustler funds, which will be available to Kenyans interested in growing their businesses.

During the campaign season for the presidential election in 2022, he made this pledge. He said his administration would put aside 50 billion Kenyan shillings to assist small and medium-sized businesses.

Compared to other kinds of loans, the hustler fund has several benefits, which the President of the United States emphasized during the launch.

He stated that all Kenyans will have access to the funds at the lowest interest rate ever offered, and the repayment period will be significantly extended.

The President said that Kenyans who are currently on a "blacklist" by a credit reference bureau and unable to obtain loans from other financial institutions will still have access to the funds. This was another statement made by the President.

He pointed out that over 8 million Kenyans are on the list and are still looking for funds from digital lending institutions.

Dial *254#, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

Pick a language that you are comfortable using.

During the registration process, your M-Pesa pin should contain your identifying number.

After registering, dial *254# to borrow money and check the amount you can.

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