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How to Make Money from Your Website in Kenya

Ever thought of having your own website? That might seem very cool and and amazing however what makes this more interesting is earning from your website or app. There a lot of app and web developers who have great content but do not know how to make money from them.

When it comes to making money from websites, there are mainly two ways as explained below.

1. Advertising.

When i say advertising i do not mean that you start an advertising website as most people will not go to a website only to view adverts. By advertising, i mean you go for AdSense. You can incorporate adsense in your website or app and get paid depending on the number of people that visit your site and view the ads. You can also look for independent companies and incoperate some of their adverts into your website and get paid on a contract basis.

2. Leasing your website.

There are a lot of companies that are looking for websites for short term basis. This is because some companies are there to operate for short terms and hence creating a website and buying a domain name might not prove to be so economical to them. They therefore prefer to hire websites for use.

3. Selling websites.

If you are good at web development, you can decide to do this as a full-time potential job. All you have to do is to create a website and upload it to the net. Once your website starts getting high traffic, you can log into one of the website selling websites and find a buyer for your site. The more traffic your website has, the more valueable your website will be.

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