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Some Of The Properties Owned By The Famous Kenyan Politician

We have many rich leaders in Kenya, so some of them always keeps low profile. They have many properties in Kenya, and they are not yet satisfied. That owned many businesses in our land, therefore they have employed thousand of Kenyans. Let us look at some of their properties, and we will know how worth they are.

1. William Ruto.

William Ruto works as the deputy press of Kenya, and he has served the nation for two terms. William Ruto has many properties in Kenya, therefore he appears among the billionaires in Kenya.

Ruto owns Weston hotel, and the hotel is located in Nairobi. He has employed many people in this hotel, so he has reduced the level of unemployment in Kenya. This business makes a lot of profit, because it is very profitable. 

He owns Kitengela gas, and the company is located in Nairobi. The company makes a lot of money, therefore Ruto has a lot of money in this company. Gas business is quickly spreading in Kenya, and many people are investing in it.

He also owns Murumbi farms in Narok, and the business is doing very well. People always needs farm produce, therefore this business will always have market. He is making millions from it, and it has given him financial freedom. 

Ruto owns Koitalel poultry farm in Eldoret, therefore he has invested greatly in this article. People will always demand for poultry products, so this business will never fade from the market. We will always love to eat chicken meat, and will always desire to prepare eggs. Many hotel businesses in Kenya have poultry product, therefore they have made it to be mandatory food.

He also owns private residence in Elgon view, and we always knows that house business is very lucrative. He is a landlord in Kenya, and we have learned great lessons from him. We should always learn to be business oriented, so that we can have financial freedom like William Ruto.

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