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The Only Country In The World That Has No Poor People

You might be shocked to find that there is a nation in the globe where nobody in working-age is poor.

Where is a nation when there are no needy individuals to be found?

Monaco is situated on the Mediterranean Sea and is a principality in Europe.

Although the country's size has an impact on the economy, its breathtaking coasts and landscapes are primarily to blame for the country's wealthy inhabitants. Monaco is the world's tiniest sovereign state, comparable to Vatican City before it. Despite being the smallest nation in the world with only 2 square kilometers of land, it boasts the highest population density of any nation.

In Monaco, there are no economically disadvantaged groups, according to the most recent CIA World Factbook.

At least $1 million is thought to be the average net worth of Monaco's one-third of the population, who lives in a city that annually hosts events like the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix. Central Park in New York is comparable in size to Monaco. The country is ranked second in the world with an estimated GDP of $165,420 per capita.

The median net worth of a Monegasque citizen is at $2.1 million. Prince Albert II's net worth is reportedly $1 billion at the moment. Monaco has 12,260 millionaires, or about 12.2 percent of the total population.


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