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Saudi Arabia is Planning to build one Building City Called the Lines

Saudi Arabia is one the richest countries in the world, it is home for some of the most amazing and genius architecture that attracts a lot of tourists. They have yet shocked the world with their recent reports suggesting that they are planning to come up with an urban project. If this works, this project might just top all the other projects

The government revealed the plans to come up with a city of NEOM which would include a mega structure called the Line. It would take a lot of time to complete this project but everyone would love to see the outcome. In this project, two parallel skyscrapers will be built, 200 meter apart, 170 kilometers long and 500 meters high. The line will spread across northwest part of Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea

If you think this is all, the interior of this project will even amaze you more. As described, the line will be fitted with exterior mirrors that are huge enough for 9 million peoples to live in together with everything they might need to live. There will be recreational areas with waterfalls and futuristic things like flying vehicles and robot maids. The most surprising thin is that there are even plans to include a manmade moon so that the people can enjoy the view.

There will be high speed rail that will help residents move faster from one point to another, vertically layered homes, offices, parks and even public schools and a year round climate control of all indoors and outdoors spaces

The time at which the projects will be completed is not yet clear but earthworks began back in 2021. It is expected that by 2030, residents will begin settling in. there are other projects that Saudi Arabia is focusing is but this one remains one of the most important

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