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Why Passion Fruit Farmers easily Joins Millionaires list within a short season.

Farming is one of the economic activity that most people in Kenya relies upon for their daily living. It is what employs highest percentage of people but due to overdependance on rainwater, seasonal changes oftenly leaves many people unemployed.

Passion fruit farming is one of the least ventured enterprises yet most paying due to its market availability. Most fertile lands in Kenya favours the passion fruit farming due to warmth nature of the tropics. Within just a period of 12-18 months of waiting, passion fruit farmers starts earning from the first harvest.

The fruit is used to make passion juice which is highly demanded in hospitals by the sick and expectant mothers. The fruit is rich of antioxidant that body uses to make blood vessels, cartilage and muscles.

There are variety of this passion fruits including purple passion fruit, yellow passion fruit, sweet passion fruit and giant passion fruit. Their prices vary depending on the quality of the fruits. Grade one price ranges from Ksh 120- 150 per kg. This implies that in an acre, the farmer may reep about ksh 800,000 to ksh 1million.

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Kenya Passion Fruit Farmers


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