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The Fastest Growing Estates In Eldoret

Eldoret town is one of the growing towns in Uasin Gishu county and Kenya at large. Under the governance of Jackson Mandago,the county is really growing with good infrastructure and well built business buildings. Rupa and Zion Malls are the biggest Business malls in the county and this makes Eldoret town get attracted by many people. The town is made up of many developing estates.

Below are some of the fastest growing estates in the town of Eldoret.

1. Pioneer Estate.

This is one of the estates in Eldoret town that is growing so fast. The estate is just a few metres from the Central Business District of Eldoret town. The estate is equipped with good security and infrastructure as well. The street lights are all over the estate to enhance security.

2. Elgon View Estate.

This is another fastest growing estate in the town with good infrastructure and good security too. Many businesses in the estate makes it grow so fast too.

3. Kapsoya Estate.

This is also the fastest growing estate in Eldoret town. Many people are moving into the estate because it is affordable to live in especially during this hard times amidst Corona Virus Pandemic.

4.West Indies

This is also the fastest growing estate with alot of Indians. The Indians make the estate grow because of the Businesses they have introduced in the estate. The estate also has good security and infrastructure too.

5. Langas.

Langas is an estate in Eldoret town that consists 3/4 of the population in Eldoret town. Many people live in Langas estate because it is affordable when it comes to rent and food staffs. The estate is growing so fast too.

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