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Good News To Kenyans As Insurance Companies Make A Bold Move For Covid-19 Vaccination Bills

Covid-19 has continued to ravage the country creating havoc to every sector of economy. The virus has devastated families and communities in the country and across boarders.

The country is currently fighting third wave of Covid-19 pandemic which is a very dangerous one that has led to sharp Increase in number of covid-19 infection and fatalities.

With all Covid-19 restrictions set in place, the virus seems difficult to be controlled and the only thing that has remained is Vaccination.

However, there is a huge headache that is aching the country since the Government's free supply of Covid-19 Astrazenega Vaccination is not enough and some Kenyans had opted for the Russian Sputnik Vaccines which were being offered by private hospitals for sell before they were put on hault.

However, this was very much expensive for Kenyans who were paying Cash despite paying NHIF Funds and other medical insurance bills.

Fortunately, Medical insurers in Kenya will from next month foot Covid-19 Vaccination Bills for policy holders ahead of July when the Importation of vaccines would be open to private firms.

The Insurance and Regulatory Authority directed the medical insurers to update their policies to cover the Covid-19 raising hope for many Kenyans yet to be Vaccinated against the deadly virus.

This is indeed good news and brings hope to many Kenyans who are yet to receive Covid-19 Vaccination.

Content created and supplied by: Benadhizo (via Opera News )

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