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Required Minimum Capital to Start a Chemist.

Starting a Chemist business bin Kenya is one of most profitable business ever and a way of saving people lives too. The big constraints in introduction to this type of business is it's high legal formalities. Medicine is not anything to be sold everywhere thereby some measures of customer protection are put in consideration. Before starting this business you must have certificate of incorporation meaning you are valid business owner and you are registered. This ensures that you are well know and purpose of your business is also established by registrar of business. A license from drugs and poison board is also a requirement before establishment of the premise as well as business permit.

All those licenses and permits may cost you up to 100k during the starting time. Some of licenses are renewable each year you will need to part some money for such purpose. Drugs are not so cheap as you may think but a starting stock of 500k may be good to start. Other expenses include rent, water and electricity bill which can cost 20k per month. You should also employ a qualified pharmaceutical specialist to avoid disqualification of your business certificate. The salary can be negotiable but you should spare around 50k to design your chemist and install fittings and counter. On approximate a minimum chemist needs more than 700k to run and maintain it.

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