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"Would You Live In A Falling Building?"-See A List Of Crazy Designed Buildings That Will Confuse You

Technology is the set of knowledge, skills, experience and techniques that human beings employ. What we are about to experience in this article is just but pure technology put into action.

In today's world people have employed technology into meaningful output which has made life easier and people are able to concentrate on other things.

Taking for example the development of modern vehicles, machines and even construction of crazy designed houses which is just taking days to be completed.

In this article we have come up with a collection of architectures that was designed and shows brain in use. These buildings will confuse you and you may even think that they are falling if you don't look carefully.

1. Cracked Falling house design.

In this design the house is seen in bad shape and you cannot even imagine being in such a building since it seems to be falling anytime from now.

2. The suspended House.

The suspended House is the best house that you'll see and from a distance you'll wonder how is that even possible. Looking closely, the house is suspended using some strong cables but still it's scaring to be in such a house.

3. The Mountain Apartments

These apartments have been designed in a funny way and some of them seem to be suspending in air leaving some spaces in between.

4. The Falled Tower

This was creativity of the highest order and the tower seems to have fallen down but it's just but a creative design that everyone would miss to be in.

5. The T tower

This tower is also beautiful in that the T part is suspended in air and has some glasses on the lower side giving it a perfect view of the ground.

From these five creatives designs which one do you think takes home all the points?

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