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How to Succeed in the Lucrative Green Grocery business.

With increased economic hardship Kenyans have resulted in engaging in all kinds of business so long as you reap from it. Kibanda business has not been left out and many have opened Vibandas. This has attracted big investments from both male and female at equal measure.

Having had that business in Githurai 44 I do have some few tips I can share with audience who might be interested.

Firstly is to have the idea of starting a kibanda business. With the idea in hand, you need to secure start up capital which is very fundamental in every business. Without capital you cannot start any business and this amounts to the risk you take.

Then get your business location. Location needs to be a place with high traffic. Once the place is located then get a store or Kibanda and secure it. You might need to do a few fabrications to suit your desires.

Then you need to do some research on what are the needs and desires of the people of that locality. This will avert you from buying goods which do not move might as these goods are usually perishable. This might lead to losses in your business.

Then stock your kibanda with the fresh vegetables and fruits you have identified. You can also stock eggs, unga and grains.You can get your stock from Githurai, Marikiti and Muthurwa markets for those around Nairobi county. Otherwise you can go to source your products from farms at reasonable prices and transport them to the market.

Then you need to plan your kibanda and display your goods in a way to attract customers. Enough lighting is paramount. The fruits need to be clean and appealing to customers eyes. Rotten fruits and vegetables need to be continuously removed from the kibanda to avoid bad odour from the kibanda.

Ensure your stock is well secured to keep away thieves,rodents, cows and goats which destroy fruits and vegetables. Rodents can be controlled using chemicals or otherwise use chilli which keeps them away.

Finally talk good to your customers and sell your goods at reasonable prices. High prices might chase away customers leading to losses. Expect losses at the beginning but with time profits will start to be realised.

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